Runtime useless gaps

This patch adds gaps like tilegap that are resizeable at runtime like fullgaps, but like uselessgap it removes gaps and borders when in monocle mode.

This patch also incorporates the noborder patch, but without the check for 'is not fullscreen', to make it work properly with fakefullscreen.


You might want to set resizehints in config.h to zero to get smooth animations when increasing or decreasing gaps.


Apply the following patches on top of the previous patch to add additional layouts with resizeable gap support.

A copy of the fibonacci, but with resizeable gaps.

(Window sizes do not scale correctly. Feel free to fix it.)

A copy of the gaplessgrid, but with resizeable gaps.

A copy of the bottomstack, but with resizeable gaps.

(bstack layout works correctly. 
 bstackhorizontal layout windows do not scale 100% correctly. Feel free to fix it ;) )

A copy of the centeredmaster, but with resizeable gaps.

A copy of the deck, but with resizeable gaps.

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