There are two types of patches: The ones that fit to your personal taste and the ones you think should be included in mainline dwm.

For patches that should be included in mainline dwm see the community page and the hackers@ mailing list.

You can use the following instructions to generate and apply patches posted on this wiki. On how to upload patches which fit your personal taste and you want to show the community, see the wiki page on how to edit the pages you see here.

diff generation

For git users:

cd dwm-directory
git diff > dwm-X.Y-yourpatchname.diff

For tarballs:

cd modified-dwm-directory/..
diff -up original-dwm-directory modified-dwm-directory > dwm-X.Y-yourpatchname.diff

where X.Y is a dwm tag name or version number.

patch application

For git users, use -3 to fix the conflict easily:

cd dwm-directory
git apply path/to/patch.diff

For tarballs:

cd dwm-directory
patch -p1 < path/to/patch.diff

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