These patches provide a number of enhancements for working in a multi-monitor environment.

monitor marker:

unified view:

reset view:

status all:

push up/down:

swap focus:

focus on active:


Other than "focus on active", the default settings and behavior of dwm are not modified by these patches. The config.h configuration needs to be modified to take advantage of them.

They are intended to be applied in order, one after the other. They can also be used independently, except for "reset view" which depends on "monitor marker". Using patch -F10 -p1 will automatically address any rejects.

Example configuration settings with comments are included in config.def.h for each patch.


Version 6.4 (2023-02-19) -- (commit: 2023-02-17 348f6559ab0d4793db196ffa56ba96ab95a594a6)

Version 6.1 (2014-03-26) -- (commit: 2013-08-27 cdec9782a1789bd5c3a84772fd59abb9da288597)

Forked dwm repository is maintained at:


Original Submission: