A group of functions that shift. Inspired by shiftview, focusadjacenttag and swaptags.

Usually you just #include "shift-tools.c" before the keys[] array to use these function, since no internal changes are needed other than to add the keybindings to config.h.

There is also a version compatible with the scratchpads patch: #include "shift-tools-scratchpads.c"

Whenever I say next/prev I'm describing the function with argument +1/-1, default and generally what you will use. Changing these do make a difference on how many tags the function should shift.

* **swaptags** - used on shiftswaptags, original code on [swaptags](../swaptags).
* **shift** - shift bits in acordance to the LENGTH of the `tags`.

Remember that these functions shift, which means you can go from tag 1 (the first tag) to 9 (or whatever is your last tag).