dwm-anybar is a patch for dwm that enables dwm to manage external status bars such as lemonbar and polybar. dwm treats the external bar as it would its own, so all regular dwm commands such as togglebar affect the external bar in the same way.

The project is being managed and developed on this GitHub repo. If you discover any bugs or patch incompatabilities, feel free to create an issue there.


static const int showbar       = 1;          /* 0 means no bar */
static const int topbar        = 1;          /* 0 means bottom bar */
static const int usealtbar     = 1;          /* 1 means use non-dwm status bar */
static const char *altbarclass = "Polybar";  /* Alternate bar class name */

showbar and topbar affect the external status bar as it would dwm's status bar. showbar must be 1 to show the external bar. topbar must be set appropriately as well based on if the external bar is docked at the bottom or the top of the screen. The patch only supports bars docked at the top/bottom of the monitor.

usealtbar must be set to 1 to use an external status bar, otherwise dwm's own bar will be enabled.

altbarclass must be set to the class name of the external status bar for dwm to differentiate it from regular windows. The class name of the bar can be found using xprop

 WM_CLASS(STRING) = instance, class
                               altbarclass should be set to this
 WM_NAME(STRING) = title

Polybar Tray Fix

Since polybar's tray is handled as a separate window and is populated slowly, it is difficult to manage. There is a polybar-tray-fix version of the patch that allows dwm to manage the tray. The tray isn't actually managed until the togglebar command is called, but it fixes the issue where toggling the bar would not hide the tray.

This version of the patch adds alttrayname to config.def.h which is already set to the correct value.


The latest releases of the patch will always be available first on the project Releases page. There are also "update" patches to update from previous versions of the patch.

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