Inspired by a reddit post I saw, from someone who had already implemented this behaviour. Code for this patch is based on their git repo. Unfortunately, I cannot find the reddit post I saw in the first place (it was from quite a while ago).

This patch replaces the standard statusbar items (window name to the right of the tags, and status on the right) with two status items: one in the centre, and one on the right.

The status is still set in the same way with xsetroot. However, for the splitstatus behaviour, a delimeter character is added (semicolon by default) to separate the centre status text from the right status text.


Status should be set in the form <middle>;<right> if semicolon is the delimeter character (set using the splitdelim variable in config.def.h).

If the status text does not contain the delimeter character, the text will appear only in the centre of the bar. This can be changed by setting the option splitstatus to 0, which will put the status text on the right.

Please note that this patch needs rm config.h to be added to the Makefile.

Screenshots: splitstatus screenshot