Dwm tags are a powerfull feature that allows organizing windows in workspaces. Sometime it can be difficult to remember the tag to activate to unhide a window. With the winview patch the window to unhide can be selected from the all-window view. The user switches to the all-window view (Mod1-0), selects the window (Mod1-j/k or using the mouse) and press Mod1-o. The key Mod1-o switches the view to the selected window tag.

Recommend patches

The grid layout is well adapted to display many windows in a limited space. Using both grid and pertag patches you will be able to select this layout for the all-window view while keeping your preferred layout for the other views.

Configuration and Installation

Using the default configuration file

Using an existing customised configuration file

Apply the patch; Add the following element in the keys array:

{ MODKEY, XK_o, winview, {0} },

Run make and make install.

An example of how to insert this line can be found in the default config file template, config.def.h.