To reduce procrastination and focus on individual tasks in workflows where multiple projects are open in disjoint tag sets, this patch enables users to lock their currently selected tags for some duration and force them to focus on what is currently shown on their screen.

The patch retains all WM functionality that does not change tags, especially multi-monitor setups and layout changes.

Of course it does not support you at all if you procrastinate away from your computer or just open new unrelated windows. Forbidding the latter would be much harder and too restrictive from the perspective of the patch author.

To use this patch add a shortcut to your config.h. E.g., to lock tags for 300 seconds via MOD+F1, add { MODKEY, XK_F1, locktagsfor, {.ui = 300 } }

Lastly, if you notice (you will at some point) that the forced lock hampers your productivity, find the #if to enable a way to break out from the lock.



Feedback is more than welcome :-)