tag previews


Allows you to see the contents of an already viewed tag. So a more accurate description would be to re-view a tag.


This is done with Imlib2. This patch is extracted from https://github.com/siduck76/chadwm. Keep in mind this moves monitor struct below #include config.h so it can read the 'LENGTH' of your tags, since it's defined in config.h. A workaround if you get into compatibility issues is to just put 9 (or the number of tags you have) and remove the macro, the below a patch that does that.

@@ -271,6 +254,31 @@ static Window root, wmcheckwin;
 /* configuration, allows nested code to access above variables */
 #include "config.h"
struct Monitor {
	char ltsymbol[16];
	float mfact;
	int nmaster;
	int num;
	int by;               /* bar geometry */
	int mx, my, mw, mh;   /* screen size */
	int wx, wy, ww, wh;   /* window area  */
	unsigned int seltags;
	unsigned int sellt;
	unsigned int tagset[2];
	int showbar;
	int topbar;
	Client *clients;
	Client *sel;
	Client *stack;
	Monitor *next;
	Window barwin;
	Window tagwin;
	int previewshow;
-	Pixmap tagmap[LENGTH(tags)];
+	Pixmap tagmap[9];
	const Layout *lt[2];