windowfollow screenshot


Provides "window following" behaviour, which causes the tag/monitor a window is moved to with tag or tagmon to be focused. The behaviour is affected in strange ways by which monitor the cursor is on, but this is true for dwm normally.

An icon indicating whether this behaviour is active is added to the bar:

The togglefollow function toggles whether this occurs on the current monitor. By default, this is triggered by MODKEY+n and by clicking the icon.

The WFDEFAULT macro in config.def.h is used to determine whether window following should be on by default, and the values of WFACTIVE and WFINACTIVE can be changed to other char values (which must be different) so the icon looks different.


Commit 5799dd1fca6576b662d299e210cd5933b29d502d breaks the 6.3 version.