This patch turns the titlebar area into a mfact-respecting tabbar showing each client's title. In tiling mode, the tabs are split into two groups (based on nmaster) at the mfact location. This maybe reminiscent of i3's tabbed layout or using the multiple instance of the tabbed program with the caveat that this patch reserves left and right hand space in the bar for dwm's tags and status area respectivly (so ideally minimize the amount of space you use for each). When you are not in tiling mode (float/monocole), a single tab bar just occupies the entire horizontal space available. Custom layouts are assumed to respect mfact and be similar to the tiling mode (and this works well with the deck patch for example), but if you need to add an exception refer to the provided config.def.h.

Clicking on each tab in the bar will focus that window.

This patch also incorporates a few optional niceties configurable in your config.h such as drawing a 1px border between tabs, adding an indicator to show which tags each client is on, and an option to add a bottom border to the bar.


Bartabgroups patch shown used in conjunction with the taggrid and gaps patches in tile mode: screenshot