Inspired by smartborders.

This patch adds 5 extra variables to the 'rules' array in config.def.h. These are:

Setting floatborderpx to -1 (or any value less than zero) will mean that the regular border width is used.

Please note that this patch needs rm config.h to be added to the Makefile.

[since dwm-floatrules-20210801-138b405.diff]:
Setting any of floatx, floaty, floatw, floath to -1 (or any value less than zero) will mean that the geometry parameter should not be overwritten.

Screenshots: floatrules screenshot


From the original author: because I'm bad at programming and a bit lazy, the original patch had a few bugs in it.

Each bugfix has its own diff file. This way, if you have installed an earlier version, you can run diff on your old patch and the new one. This provides an easy way for someone to see the changes and apply the updates themselves.

If you have not installed an old patch, using the latest version is obviously recommended.




The original author would like to apologise for the several bugs that originally plagued even this relatively simple patch.