Status2d allows colors and rectangle drawing in your DWM status bar. See below an example of my status bar with multi-cpu and battery.

Status2d screenshot


Use this patch if you want to include the extrabar patch

This patch adds the ability to use terminal colors from xrdb, allowing programs like pywal to change statusbar colors. Requires xrdb patch as well.

This patch adds some extra tags for managing colors described below



xsetroot -name "[status2d] ^c#FF0000^red text with blue rectangle^c#55cdfc^^r3,3,14,14^^f20^^c#FFFFFF^^b#f7a8b8^ and white text on pink background "

Steps to draw a battery icon (ajust the values to fit your setup)

Draw the nose: "^r00,07,02,04^" Draw the battery: "^r02,04,22,10^" Fill it so that the border stays: "^c#000000^^r03,05,20,08^" Fill it with the remaining capacaty: "^c#ffffff^^r10,05,13,08^" Reset the colorscheme and forward the cursor: "^d^^f24^"

Put it all together: xsetroot -name "^r0,7,2,4^^r2,4,22,10^^c#000000^^r3,5,20,8^^c#ffffff^^r10,5,13,8^^d^^f24^"