The xft patch patch implements Xft. This allows users to utilize the UTF8 character set. Look at the patch below which is more advance.

The xft-with-fallback-font patch adds Xft and fallback-font support to dwm. This patch was built on top of the Xft patch written by Quentin. With fallback font support, multiple fonts can now be specified in config.h which are used to render characters not present in the first font. If none of the user-specified fonts contains a given character, this patch attempts to automatically fallback to whatever suitable font it can find on the host system. NOTE: This is enabled by default when you are using the latest dwm-git.

With this patch, the "font" variable in config.h is superseded by the "fonts" variable which is a priority-ordered list of fonts that should be used to render text. Here's an example "fonts" definition:

static const char *fonts[] = {
	"VL Gothic:size=10.5",
	"WenQuanYi Micro Hei:size=10.5",

At least one font must be specified, and a maximum of DRW_FONT_CACHE_SIZE fonts can be used.